Genetically Modified Organisms

By: Emily Tepera

What is a Genetically Modified Organism?

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.

Health Benefits?

Genetically modified plants have shown certain health benefits. Foods such as low-calorie sugar beets and oils with lower levels of saturated fats have helped people lose weight. Other foods have better nutritional values.

greater quantity of crops?

By using crops that are genetically engineered farmers can avoid losing crops and can bring them to market at a lower cost.

Environmental Help?

If the plants are already resistant to the predators, by using genetic engineering, then farmers will not have to use fertilizers or pesticides which ruin the environment.

Completely natural?

Geneticists say that genetic modification is just evolution. Organisms have been genetically adapting to the environment since the beginning of time.

Keep up with the population?

By using genetic modification, farmers can produce more food. Having more food will help to keep the growing population fed.

most thoroughly tested plants?

Biotech firms say that genetically modified organisms are thoroughly tested for health risks. The firms claim that the plants are up to federal safety standards.