America- Gilded Age

Ariana Larson

J. Pierpont Morgan

Who: J. Pierpont Morgan American financier , and banker

What: Made one of the most we'll known bank in America J.P. Morgan & Co.

When: In 1871 be partnered with Anthony Drexel to form Drexel, Morgan & Co. , after Drexels's death it was renamed J.P. Morgan & Co.

Where: He started out in HartFord Connecticut.

Why: It was in his bloodline his father was a banker.

John Peirpont Morgan" 2014 the biography channel website Febuary 04 2014

Thomas Edison

Who: Thomas Edison great inventor know for the lightbulb.

What: invented light bulb motion picture and about 1000 other great inventions.

When: He invented the lightbulb in 1879 his first showing of his invention was in Menlo park.

Where: Menlo Park New Jersey

Why: He did not have the idea of the light bulb what he created was based on a 50 year old idea.

The inventions of Thomas Edison , inventors, February 5 2014,

The Pullman strike

Who: These nationwide strikes pinned American Railway Union aginst The Pullman Company.

What: A group of strikes by people who work at The Pullman Company who were treated poorly and had very low pay.

When: May 11 1894 around 3000 people who worked at The Pullman Company went on a huge strike.

Where: This was a nationwide railroad strike so it happened all over.

Why: People wanted better pay and better conditions.

The pullman strike,, February, 10, 2014,

Union Pacific

Who: Union Pacific Railroad Company.

What: Union Pacific would build west from the Mississippi to meet Central Pacific to complete the railroad