LMS Guidance Newsletter

April 2014

NYS Math Testing

NYS Math testing will be April 30th to May 2nd.

As you know NYS 3-8 assessments are quickly approaching. Although these tests are important, there are ways to help your student minimize stress and maximize performance throughout the testing process.

1. Talk about the tests at home. Encourage your child to do his or her best, but not to stress about them.

2. Give words of encouragement. Remind your child that he or she has been preparing for this all year. They are ready!

3. Have your child get a good night’s rest. Rest is important in having people feel their best.

4. Eat a good breakfast. Students who are full can focus easier and longer than students who feel hungry.

5. Get to school on time. Students who feel rushed to get to school, start their day with anxiety, and anxiety leads to frustration and poorer test performance.

6. Make sure students have everything they need. They should be prepared with #2 pencils and erasers.

7. Please Check Doctor Visits And Other Appointments And Make Any Changes Necessary To Ensure Your Child Is In School During Testing.

Spring Clothing Swap

The Spring Clothing Swap will take place on Wednesday, June 4th from 5:00-6:00 just before the Middle School Spring Concert.

Clean out your closets and bring us those clothes that don't fit! The Middle School will be accepting clothes for the Spring Clothing Swap now until Tuesday, June 3rd. This swap is for all students and families in the LCSD school district and is not limited to middle school students.

Items Not Accepted:

  • Winter Clothing and Jackets
  • Socks
  • Under Wear
  • Clothing With Stains or Holes
  • Hair Accessories or Hats
  • School Supplies
  • Household Appliances

Acceptable Items:

  • Gym Shorts
  • Shirts
  • Pants/Skirts
  • Spring and Summer Clothes
  • Sneakers/Cleats
  • Band/Orchestra/Chorus Clothes

Contact the Carol Miller or Dana Robson at the MS for more information at 533-3020 x 2150.

8th to 9th Grade Transition Meetings and Career Planning

By now, most 8th graders and their parents have meet to discuss course selection and graduation requirements for the high school. Eighth grade students also had the opportunity to visit BOCES's Career and Technical Center to find out more about the programs and career opportunities available to them as high school juniors. Career planning is an important piece of high school. While high school is about new opportunities and trying many different types of classes, it is also an exposure to different careers.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind with the Transition and Career Planning Process:

  1. Start early... plan ahead... dream possibilities
  2. Know what’s available, who to contact and how to get needed services and ask lots of questions
  3. Be aware that it can be an emotional time – don’t let that be a barrier
  4. Expect success – high expectations lead to greater outcomes
  5. Encourage an awareness of the value of money using allowances and savings accounts, and having your child shop with you.
  6. Encourage your child to ask and think about the question, “What will I be when I grow up?”
  7. Visit offices, shops, factories, and other places of employment to help your child acquire a realistic view of a variety of jobs.

8th Grade Parents~ Please fill out this program evaluation!

Your input is important! Please let me know what you thought about the transition meeting with your son or daughter. I will use this information to make any necessary improvements.

LMS Students make their own Pharrell Williams inspired music video.

Lunch Bunch students and many friends decided to join in and make their own music video to show just how "happy" they are at Lansing Middle School. Like the "Happy" craze across the world, Lansing students wanted to show that happiness is contagious, and being happy can turn the lives around of those we are surrounded by. By being kind, respectful, and happy, we can have a positive impact on others. As one middle school student reports, "when you hear this song and see other's dance, you can't help but feel better."

Attitude is everything, so make it a good one.

Talking about anxiety with your child

Talking about anxiety with your children will not make them more anxious. It will, in fact, allow them to realize that experiencing anxiety is normal and help them discover new ways to cope with the feelings they are experiencing.

Encourage your child to open up about when and what makes them anxious, but then teach them to RELAX.

  • Remind yourself-of all the things that are making you anxious
  • Explain what you are feeling and how it is making you anxious
  • Lay out a plan- to control the situation
  • Applaud yourself- in your effort to take control
  • X-hale Out Inhale in-take deep breathes through your nose and from your mouth to relax

Future Science Leaders Counselor-in-Training Program

Science enthusiasts entering grades 7 to 9 are invited to apply for volunteer positions as Counselors-in-Training (CIT). CITs will spend a portion of each day assisting camp staff and providing companionship and care for campers. In addition, CITs will be given leadership roles delivering museum programming and participating in scientific research projects.

Selection Process

The CIT program is free but has a selective application process.Download the CIT application here .

DEADLINE EXTENDED. Completed applications are due to the Sciencenter on May 1, and families will receive notification of acceptance by May 15.

Please note that only four CIT positions are available per camp session. CITs must commit to pre-camp training onJune 27 and June 28, 10 am – 3 pm, as well as volunteer for two weeks of camp or during our Science Exploration camp session (June 30 - July 3.)

Who Sees the Counselor

The Guidance Office is a place for all students and not just for those experiencing problems. Programs include Lunch Bunch with the counselor, Classroom Guidance activities on careers, job skills, bullying, and early college awareness, small group and individual counseling, arranging parent-teacher conferences, and parent groups.