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Quake Disaster in San Francisco, 1906 by Gail L. Karwoski

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This is the story of a boy and his dog. Jacob Kaufman slips out of his boarding house to walk to Washington Street when suddenly and surprisingly the ground under his feet starts to shake and rumble. As he runs for safety buildings start to collapse and streets split all around him. Fires threaten to engulf the city.

Jacob Kufman

This is the boy who survived this awful attack from below. He was reunited with his father and sister. And after that all fears and doubts had been forgotten. For Jacob, the disaster was finally over for him and his father and sister. Before this peaceful ending Jacob could not find his family so he had to join the throngs of other lost and wounded people searching for food, water, and shelter.

San Francisco

This city was doing just well till April 17, 1906. On this very day everything went wrong for Jacob and his family. This was the day when Jacob's life got worse between this Earthquake and his mother's death. This city was doomed by the Earth's splitting, cracking, and rumbling. This city became a living night mare on April 17, 1906.

Before the Destruction

Before any of the damage Jacob was very happy. He just made a new friend, a dog. He did not see the dog at first but when something touched his leg he looked down at the dog that was hungrily eating a grape. So Jacob took the dog in as his own pet. Jacob felt better because he had a new friend.

Where is my Family

As Jacob runs to his boarding house, buildings collapse and streets split open. When he finally makes it home, he is devastated from the pile of rubble and boards. He couldn't fined his sister or father. So he had to join the throngs of lost and wounded people. Jacob was worried with thoughts saying " What if I don't find them?" or " What if they are dead?".

Reunited with Family

After a long time Jacob finely meets back with his father and sister. He is happy to see their faces and just to see them once again. His family is once again whole and all thoughts and fears had disappeared. Jacob's thoughts of wordiness had slipped away and all fears had vanished when he saw his family unharmed and happy to see him.