Digital Coaches Corner

Issue 1 9/1/15

Summer Reading (Teacher List)

Two books that I read this summer are Learn Like a Pirate and Teach Like a Pirate. They were both very inspiring.

Learn Like a Pirate was written by: Paul Solraz @PaulSolarz. He is a fifth grade teacher from Arlington Heights, Illinois. His book focuses on a student led classroom. He wants you to empower your students to lead and be the best they can be. His web page is a great resource and he is very active on Twitter @PaulSolarz and on a chat #learnlap Monday from 7:00-8:00 pm. This is a great book for anyone that teachers 2nd -12th grade.

Teach Like a pirate is written by Dav Burgess. He is a high school Social studies teacher. He will inspire you to create lessons that students talk about after they leave your room. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who teaches 6-12th grade. On of my favorite quotes from the book is : " It doesn’t particularly matter what the subject is; our mission is to teach in such a way that who we are as human beings has a more powerful and lasting effect on students than what we say" The twitter chat for #tlap is every Monday at 8:00.

If anyone is interested in reading these books as a group. We could create our own book club, or twitter chat to discuss. If you spoke with me at all this summer I am sure you heard me talking about one of these books. Please email me, Melanie Fessler, if you are interested or if you want to learn more about twitter chats.