Protective Edge, Team Win!

A unique opportunity to get up close and personal with chayalei tzahal and their amazing stories!

This delegation of IDF officers and soldiers will discuss Protective Edge, their side of the story, sharing their first hand experiences on the challenges, complexities and drama of the war in Gaza this past summer.

This initiative is a joint project of Panim el Panim and Magen David Yeshiva.

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Members of the delegation

Col. Geva Rapp - Served in the IDF for 30 years, took part in numerous battles and was third in command of IDF ground forces during the 2009 Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. Was one of the IDF's ranking officers in the field during Protective Edge.

Captain S - F16 combat pilot who commanded the IDF aviation school in the Negev, and took out terrorists from the air during Protective Edge.

Lt. Nadav Kadosh - Former Golani Special Forces, is 12th battalion platoon commander at the national officers training base. During Protective Edge, fought in multiple battles in Gaza's notorious Sej'aya area..

Lt. Bentzi Gross - Platoon commander in the Golani 51 brigade. Commanded his troops in Sej'aya during Protective Edge, until half of his platoon were wounded and evacuated. After just one day, returned to Gaza to lead his platoon again in fighting Hamas!

Sgt. Naftali Gross - Bentzi's brother and a third year medical student at the prestigious Hadassah School of Medicine. During Protective Edge, fought with paratroop forces in the Hebron area.

Sgt. Roi Nir - Fought in Operations Cast Lead, Pillar Of Cloud and Protective Edge. This summer joined ground forces clearing tunnels around the Gaza Strip. Is a member of a famous Tel Aviv law firm.

Lt. Daniel Weiss - Former Givati special forces. Served as a platoon commander during Cast Lead, and was in charge of clearing Gaza tunnels during Operation Protective Edge.

Jason Blankfield - Chayal Boded (lone soldier) from Australia. ex IDF special forces and a specialist in science of sports.

Panim el Panim

Panim el Panim has worked for 10 years to bridge the gap between secular and religious in Israeli society. Our focus has become reaching out to high school students, IDF soldiers, college students, young families, Kibbutznicks and even prison inmates.

We believe that when Israelis know where they come from, who they are and what their future is, they become much more committed to the Jewish Nation, the Land of Israel and the State of Israel!