James River Hall

Staff Meeting Agenda 2/9/2016

Check in

  • How is everyone?
  • High's and Low's

Agenda items

  • Health and Safeties
  • Evaluations
  • 1 on 1's w/Ben

SRA items

  • Lottery Process Connection Week
  • Review of February building wide

JR items

  • JR buddies
  • Litbug


  • Kudos to Keanté for dragging me to the library and making me do my work! You're the best!
  • Kudos to Alexis for being such a great friend. I love our life talks.
  • Shout out to all those reapplying. JR killed it at the group process.
  • Kudos to Sydney for really stepping up, taking charge with her residents, and demanding respect. I am so proud of you!
  • Kudos to Julia for picking everything up so quickly! I am so impressed with how eager you have been with your RA position and how quickly you have acclimated to both the staff and the position. Keep up the good work!
  • Kudos to everyone for completing suite meetings
  • Kudos to Keante' for letting me use her dryer sheets #lit
  • Kudos to Ricki for holding me down and supporting me through my stressful times.
  • Kudos to Julia for meeting with residents outside her hall.
  • Kudos to Keante for always helping me and giving me advice when needed!
  • Kudos to Sydney for being so patient and driven with her hall. I know they have presented you with challenges but it is obvious that they are really enjoy having you as their RA!
  • Kudos to Ricki for being real and staying true to herself. You are a really great friend to have! #Lit$quad
  • Kudos to Savannah for being so funny and supportive. She's the cat's pajamas!
  • Kudos to Ben for joining the staff as our new HD
  • Kudos to Ben for joining in last week without hesitation. It was awesome to get to know you!
  • Kudos to Alexis for her spoken word on Friday! We're all so proud of you!
  • Kudos to Kyle for just being a really cool dude
  • Welcome to the team Ben!
  • Kudos to Ricki for challenging Keante's dominion over open door challenge :P

Weekly puzzle!

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