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What is a defining moment?

A defining moment is an event at which the important nature character of a person, group, etc.., is revealed or identified. A defining moment is really different from a simple event. They are unalterable and memorable, you'll usually remember the exact date and sometimes the exact hour that your defining moment occurred.


Canada developed over the past years; where as the few contribution that Canada has made is been recognize as a nation. Canada has a good economy and an excellent health care. Canada's health care stands out more compare to other countries. The reason why is because if an individual don't have money; Canada Universal health coverage system would provide health care and financial to all its citizens. They are many defining moments during the 1900s to present day. The four main important events that proves that its a defining moment in Canada today are the Canadian military achievement at Vimy Ridge, Multiculturalism, Women's right and the Canadian health care act.

Here are the defining moments!!!

Canadian Military Achievement- Vimy Ridge.

In the Battle of Vimy Ridge the Canadians capture more grounds, prisoner and artillery than any British offensive. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was a turning point in the war for Canada as a nation. This is because the Canadians were very successful in the Battle of Vimy Ridge by preparing and a full scale model of the area was built. As a result the Canadian troops got victory in just four days because they did what the both the French and the British troops had tried and failed to advance Vimy Ridge and push back the Germans.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge is a defining moment because it was the first battle that the Canadian fought by themselves rather than being part of Britain. At that point the Canadians began to think as a nation and the country emerged from under the shadows of Britain. This victory earned Canada a reputation and the right to sign the peace Treaty on its own. They also got a seat at the League of Nation as Canada and not under Britain.


As a descriptive term, multiculturalism is the simple fact of cultural diversity and the demographic makeup of a specific place, sometimes at the organizational level, e.g., schools, businesses, neighborhoods, cities, or nations. We all are from a multicultural society. It is a social concept referring to the existence of diverse cultures in a society.

So, this is a defining moment because Canada was the first country to make it an official policy that was signed in 1971. The multiculturalism Act which was signed in 1988, made sure that every Canadian receives equal treatment by the government. Immigration is how multiculturalism started. People came from different countries for businesses, studying, or starting a new life with family. Now say why it is a defining moment.

Women's Rights

Before Women were treated differently from men in many aspects in their lives in the 1920s. Equality is one of those aspects. Education and working conditions significantly changed after WW1 because women was given an opportunity to work outside of their home; even then women weren't taken seriously in the workplace. One of the biggest issues women faced was that the government failed to recognized them as people but considered them chattel.

Womens rights in Canada is a defining moment because before only men were allowed to vote and not women, but that fact was about to change when the factories needed worker to work for them and since that all the men went to war. Their only option was to turned to the women for help. After war ended the men returned home and everything changed when the women decided to stand up for their rights and to be treated equally to men. Finally the government allow the women to vote and share their opinion, ideas and how they feel.

Canada health Act

The Canada Health Act is a Canadian federal law in which an individual in Canada receive funding services; health care insurance. It is a group of associate health insurance plans that help to provide coverage to all Canadian citizens in each of the territories and provinces, with spending decision made at each of the provincial level. The government also pays for about 70% for the total health care spending and the other 30% is private spending. Most of that is for drugs, dentist and etc, which aren't cover by the government program.

The Canada health act is defining moment in Canada because it was the only act that was passed in 1984 as for health care. Under the health care coverage system, individual citizens are provided with medical care and medical treatment. This health care insurance also covers for dental services. Furthermore, the act was a relief for the Canadian citizens because they didn't had to stress out or worry about the medical expensive.

5 Facts About The Canada Health Act


These defining moments are memorable because it helps us to remember certain events that happened over the past few years. It shows how Canada changed to be a better country compare to before. Today both men and women are treated equally and with the same amount of respect. All the events that occur in World War 1 and 2 helped to shape Canada because it led the country to the road of independence. Even though the people struggle during the wars, the great depression and the dirty thirties, history taught each and everyone about how little aspects came in helping to build our country and so that we wouldn't repeat the same mistake again.

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