The 3 Branches

Written By: Rouida N. Siddiqui

What is the Constitution?

The Constitution is a set of laws that rules our country.

The Legislative Branch

Laws are made from three branches. The first branch is called the Legislative Branch.The Legislative Branch makes the laws.The Legislative Branch works at U.S Capitol which is also called Congress.The Legislative Branch is divided into Senates and Repersentatives. The Senates have less people and the Repersentatives have more people.

The Executive Branch

The people at the Executive Branch work at the White House.The Executive Branch carries out the laws.Presidents and Vice Presidents work there.The Presidents choose the cabinets.Cabinets are the people who work with them.All citizens elect the Presidents. The President has two duties,the first duty is to meet with with the commander and cheif,and the second one is to meet with other leaders.

The Judicial Branch

Now the last branch is the Judicial Branch. The people who are in the Judicial Branch work at Supreme Court.There are nine Supreme Court.Judges work there.The Judicial Branch has to make sure that laws are constitutional.Judges have lots of appointments to discuss if the law is constitutional.


All three branches make laws to keep us safe.Thy don't want harm you. You better follow all these laws to be safe.