3/23/21 Academic Affairs Brief

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This Brief Includes:

  • A Conversation and Q&A With MSNBC Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki
  • CLT Events

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A Conversation and Q&A with MSNBC Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki

Wednesday, March 24, 6:00-7:00 PM

President Benjamin Ola. Akande sits down with Steve Kornacki to discuss

his emergence as a political analyst star and the impact he had on the 2020

election. The conversation will explore what the takeaways are for today's

students who are contemplating particular careers and the possibility that

times and circumstances may change the direction of their choices.

CLT Events

  • 3/24 PART Session 5: MGH Wellness Initiative 12 PM
  • 3/24 Community Roundtable: Colonialism in the Organization of Knowledge 2 PM
  • 3/24 Faculty Writing Group 2 PM
  • 3/24 Rescheduled for Fall ‘21: Community Discussion: Negotiating Political Difference in the Classroom (and Beyond) *Due to the number of events scheduled on this day, the facilitators will offer this session another time. Please be sure to attend the Community Roundtable, the Faculty Open Session with the Provost, and the evening Q & A MSNBC event.
  • 3/24 Gradebook Support Open Hours 4 PM
  • 3/24 Mindful Tea & Chat 4:30 PM
  • 3/25 Adjunct Open Consultation 5 PM


    A sampling of student engagement opportunities coming up this week:
    • Wed: Ubisoft Montreal: Info Session
    • Wed: Coffee & Conversation: Equal Pay
    • Wed: Navigating Political Difference in the Classroom (and Beyond)
    • Wed: Pound Fitness
    • Wed: Conversation With MSNBC Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki
    • Thurs: Defense Against the Dark Arts

    Important Dates

    • 04/09 - Last day to withdraw from a class or the College
    • 04/12-04/23 Registration for Summer and Fall 2021
    • 04/28 - Last day to request an incomplete grade for Spring 2021
    • 04/30 - Last day to request a medical withdrawal
    • 04/30 - Last day of classes
    • 05/03 - 05/07 - Finals Week (This is the same as week 15, normal class schedule)
    • 05/09 - Final Grades Due

    • 05/15 - Commencement