Theology 2 Semester Exam

The story of Us

The Original State of man: Original sin and its consequences

God created the first people, Adam and Eve, who lived in The Garden of Eden. They were in complete bliss and knew only happiness. They were tricked by the serpent(Satan) and they ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the only rule they had in the garden. This is known as The Original Sin, the first sin that ever happened. This sin is in every one of us now and God is the only one who can forgive it.

The Word Became Flesh

There are four reasons the word became flesh. One of these is to make expiation for our sins, reconcile man with God, and restore human nature lost by sin. This means that Jesus came to make up for original sin. Another is that it manifests the infinite depth of God's love. This means him coming is showing how much he loves us and will give up for us. Another is that he wanted to offer a model of holiness so we will know how to live life like him. The last one is to allow people to share in his divine life. This means that he wanted us to share his great glory and be like him.
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The Paschal Mystery

The Paschal mystery is the Passion, Death, And Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The paschal mystery refers to the reason God would give us so much love without us doing anything in return.
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The Theological virtues

Virtues are split in to two groups, natural or supernatural. Natural Virtues are things that should be followed and are more like habits. Supernatural virtues areSanctifying grace which is given at the baptism of your soul. Super natural virutes are Faith, Hope, Love, and Charity. These together help us to be more like God.
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Prayer: How we communicate with God

Prayer Is a relationship with God. You talk to God about your problems but you also thank him for your blessings and pray for others. Through prayer we gain spiritual nourishment from talking with God as well as a stronger relationship with him. Prayer is describe as an inner communion with God.
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The Four Marks of the Church

The four marks of the church are One, Holy, Apostolic, Catholic. Apostolic is meant to mean that we follow the disciples and act as them as we evangelize the church and do the same traditions they did. Holy means that we are founded by the holy spirit and this means we come solely from the holy trinity. Catholic means that we are universal and pertaining to the whole as a unified denomination. One means we are unified and together by God.
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The Last things

The last things are described as Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell. Upon death you will immediatley go to purgatory where you will receive Judgement and either go to Heaven or Hell. Parousia is the greek word for apparition or appearance of a holy presence.
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Parousia is meant as the Holy Ghost or Apparation. It appear to people in time of need and helps them. It gave the disciples strength to proclaim the gospel and gave them the ability to speak in tongues.
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