Mojave Desert

By: Rurik Stefkovich


The mojave has roughly 600 different species of animals.


The Mojave is a big desert full of sand, cactus and little water. They recieve little rain and the temperatures during the day can reach 120 degrees F and at night can reach as low as 15 degrees F.


Organisms that live in the deserts consist of, Cactus flowers, desert trees and ocotillo.

Role of comunity

The owls, scorpions and cougars will hunt and eat the herbivores such as the kangaroo rats, mule deer, and chipmunks. By doing this the animal populations are kept down and keep the ecosystem safe from over population.

Food Chain

The producers would be the vegetation such as cactus, The consumer would be herbivores such as the Gophers, and the predators would be the cougars and foxes.