Penny loafers


Penny loafer history

The most famous brand of penny loafers were the brand called weejuns. They are famous because they are very old and they have been for a really long time. The first penny loafers was made in 1931. The first penny loafers was made in London England.

Fun facts.

1. The most famous penny loafer are weejuns 2. Penny loafers have been around for 100 years .3. The first penny loafer was made in London England 4. Penny loafers are one of the oldest shoes ever. 5. They are the most unique shoes because they have a slot that you can put pennies into.

6 guiding questions

1. What was the most favorite penny loafer? 2. Where was the first penny loafer made? 3. Who made the first penny loafer? 4. Why was their a little slot to hold pennies.? 5. How long have penny loafers been around? 6.why were penny loafers so popular?


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