Ancient Egypt

By: Ariella and Will Per.1

Society Today!

Ancient Egypt's society arranges their citizens on different levels of classes. Today we have decided to interview a farmer and Ramses the second. You think you know how different these people's lives are form one another? A common farmer states,

"I work all day to feed this city and I get repaid by what......nothing," The farmer continues, "While the upper class does nothing they get payed much more than I do, and thats not fair!" The farmer dose work all day just like the Pharaoh lets see how Ramses thinks about this situation.

"I create laws, I protect the people in Egypt, I'm the one who keeps this place together, if it wasn't for me, Egypt would be in complete anarchy." The pharaoh does do all these things but do you think that this lifestyle is fair?

Our Aragant Ramses

Our aragonite Ramses always wants more! Ramses decided that he needs his very own temple. Ramses' opinion,"My temple that is currently being constructed, is going to make the pyramids look like a pile of stone!" It is said that he wants His face to be lit up by the sun, through a tunnel, and on 2 days of the year only, February 21 (his birthday), and October 21 (coronation date). Our newspaper investigators were lucky enough to see the construction live! What they saw was 4 gigantic statues of Ramses in the front, then when you go further into the temple, you would see three giant gods and him. On the dates that I have already said, Ramses' and Ra 's faces were lit up. We can't wait for the temple to be completed!
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Never forget about Narmar

King Narmar was the first pharaoh that united Egypt. He rose to the occasion to unite Egypt to one whole. If it wasn't for him, where would Egypt be right now? I don't want to know, but Egypt has gone through periods of time when there was no pharaoh. Before Narmar, was the first and the longest. Today you should remember Narmar for all that he did.
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Pig for sale!

We are about to give you the best offer that you can buy. We currently have in stock a female pig. If you were to buy this very special pig, then you will get a free newspaper interview. This pig is like no other. She is calm, not violent, and friendly. Get your pig today trust me you wont regret it!
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What To Wear? (Higher classes)

Are you ready to leave your house confidant with your clothing choices? We have found what is popular today. For our men you should wear the best quality linen and as much jewelry as possible! For woman you should wear long dresses made from see threw linen like men. Also wear as much jewelry as you can afford. When your children reach the age of 6 then they will wear the same clothes as the adults.
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Hatshepsut the Great and Powerful

Everybody remembers the great and powerful Hatshepsut. (Egypt's first major woman pharaoh.) Dose Egypt need more woman pharaohs liker her? Hatshepsut was more than powerful! She accomplished so many things: she had a very successful journey to the land of Punt, she restored the precinct of Mut, and her tomb is one of the most well known tombs in all history! Hatshepsut spoke out for what she believed in and look what she accomplished! I think Egypt need more leader like her...what do you think?

Girl Power

Hatshepsut was the talk of Egypt at the time of her rule and she still is today. Like we stated earlier Hatshepsut did amazing things for Egypt even though she was a woman. Lets ask our readers if they think Egypt should have more woman pharaohs in the future. A female commoner states,

" Woman or not Hatshepsut did extraordinary things for Egypt. I think having woman leader in the future would not be such a bad idea. Hatshepsut was determined to be a great pharaoh. Woman can do anything men can and Hatshepsut proved that." That was a very strong opinion. Now it is time to hear a scribes opinion about this female pharaoh.

" Hatshepsut was ok for a female but Egypt made a huge mistake leaving her in charge. A man would have done ten times better. I do not think females should be pharaohs."


Our pharaoh Akhenaten tried to change Egypt to believe in 1 god. Yes, thats right 1 god! Akhenaten original name was Amenhotep. He changed it to Akhenaten because it meant servant of Aten. Do you remember when Akhenaten created a new city for his one god? Akhenaten destroyed all other temples that were for other gods and created new temples for his god. The people thought he was crazy...which he was! After Akhenaten died his history was attempted to be erased by his own son....our beloved pharaoh King Tut. Do you believe Akhenaten's craziness?
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Calling All Merchants!

In Egypt we need to trade. Here are some ideas on what you should trade to earn some cash. You can trade old artifacts that might be lying around in our house right now, grain, papyrus,linen, and gold. Some places that you should trade in is Lebanon, Africa, Afganistan,Punt, and Nubia. It is important to have close allies because you are able to trade with them for good resources. Reminder Merchants, always be on the look out when going to trade it is a very dangerous job!

It's Flood Season!

It is finally flood season, farmers. As you know, our year is divided into three seasons: flooding, growth, and harvest. These three seasons are so important. They are the key event used to set our calendars. Right now, we are in the flooding season. Remember to work to pay off your taxes while this season is occurring. Try to be prepared for any type of flood, high or low.
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