Movement Activities

Movement to help support learning in a music classroom


Before any class, it is important to make sure that blood is flowing to the brain of all the students in the classroom. So reach those hands to the sky and reach down to touch those toes! Get the blood and oxygen flowing for the best classroom results!

Cross-lateral movements!

In a music classroom, we listen to music constantly! Why not add movement to that music to help us better understand tempo, beats, and rhythms. Clap out the rhythms rather than just saying them! Get on your feet and conduct the music, instead of just listening to it!

Let's Conductorcise! Get on your feet, conduct the music, and burn calories while you do it! Conductorcise is a workout unlike any other. You'll move to the music and use muscles you didn't even realize that you had.

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Quick Games

Rather than just sitting in your seat throughout the entire class, I'm going to have students mix-it-up every once in a while so that they can hear different parts that they aren't used to hearing.

According to Jensen, quick games will help increase students readiness and ability to learn.

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