Screencasting and YouTube

Why Screencast?

Screencasting is a great way to create a video QUICKLY for your students, specifically around a digital resource. You can demonstrate exactly how to do anything you can do on your computer!

You can use screencasting to explain instructions or concepts, or even have students screencast to explain how to do something.


Screencastify is a great screencasting tool that works in your browser. That means it is great for Chromebooks! It also can save directly to your Google drive, which is awesome for working anywhere. If you don't need to put your video in YouTube, and just want to attach your videos in Google Classroom, this may be the best tool for you!

Also, remember that Chromebooks have built in microphones and cameras, so kids can easily use this tool to make screencast videos for you!


Screencast-o-matic is another screencasting tool, but this one requires a download before it will work (so nope to Chromebooks!). If you are using this one on your desktop, you will need a microphone (luckily your doc cam has one at the ready!). If you want to put yourself on the video too, you need a webcam. Your doc cam can function in this role as well, or you can borrow one for the day from your friendly DLC or Tech Specialist! This one will attach directly to your YouTube account if you set it up to do so, oir you can download your video to a file. I only recommend saving to a file if you are going to upload the video to another location (like YouTube) when you are done, or if it is a short screencast that you are going to email as a file and be one with it. You can see the YouTube video below to find out how you can upload to YouTube. In general, it isn't a good idea for video files to sit around taking up space on one of your drives. Video is one reason we love the cloud so much!

Where Should I Put My Video?

That depends on what you want to do with it.

If you put your video in YouTube, you can

  • embed it somewhere- in Moodle (The learning Hub) or in Smore, for example
  • reach a large audience, and people could stumble on it
  • attach it easily in Google Classroom
  • get a URL for your video

If you put your video in Google Drive, you can

  • attach it easily in Google Classroom
  • share with people, and monitor sharing settings like anything else in Google
  • get a URL for your video