Being Busy and Being Productive

by Vick Strizheus

Being Busy and Being Productive

Are you being busy of being productive? Do we really understand the difference on being busy or being proactive.

As a business owner you always want to know how can you replicate yourself and how do you do it. We all want to get to the stage where you are trying to build something bigger than just making a buck.

As you going about your day, you want to build and grow your business. Alot of people think just because you busy you are productive.

We always doing stuff, what you doing are you being productive or are you just busy all the time.

Just take Facebook, before you look again you have been sitting already for 2 hours just on Facebook doing nothing. Do not get distracted, when you doing your Facebook marketing activity, do just that.

You need to focus on the income producing activities. So What does this mean, you must try to get people to visit your website. But this is a skill and this you can learn

The main focus is to improve you as a person, this is your foundation!

If you do not have the ground or solid foundation then you can learn all the marketing techniques and will not be successful long term.

So work on yourself although this will not generate income it is very important to do this. The foundation stuff is very important and what is very important is to be able to plan

daily activities into how you can improve you as a person stuff combined with activities to generate traffic to your site.

If you can do this together then you will notice the difference and remember you will then be able to grow your business and marketering becomes easier.

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