Daily Life Of An Architect

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By: Ian Bede~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is typical example of an architects day

8: 00am: I get into the office and the first thing I do is call out all my team for the morning huddle before the day starts going crazy.

8:30 am: Admin work is always the first thing I do when I get to the office. I have around 15 e-mails in my inbox, most of which are developer and consultant concerns that need to be dealt with. It takes me around an hour to send out my replies (which gives me time to finish my coffee and morning cookies)

9:30 am: I start reviewing the drawings I have drafted last night. I write down my comments and start preparing my detailed report for my client meeting this afternoon.

1:00 pm: My report is as detailed as can be. (However, I hope nothing has slipped my mind. I’ll go over the whole thing again before my meeting if I have time). I am starving. Head to the mall for a quick bite. Oh, how I wish my mom was here cooking for me instead.

2:30 pm: Back from Lunch. It is so hot today. Team recap at 2:30. Cookies and tea would be great, thank you

3:30 pm: Client meeting. Thank goodness he’s coming over; I wouldn’t have wanted to drive all the way to Jebel Ali in the traffic. He is thrilled! Report is accurate and well structured, and I think he might just praise me in front of my manager next time he sees him.

6:00 pm: Meeting is over. Go over my e-mails one last time before heading out.

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A Day in the Life - Architect