Survival Guide

Australia Savannah

Location,Climate, and Geography

The location of the Australia Savannah is in Australia. The climate for it is highest- 136.4 degrees, lowest- 55 degrees. It is located at the bottom right of any map you see and it is surrounded in water.

Step for survival

You mainly need for survival water, food, shelter, clothes to survive in the australia savannah desert

~some animals in the australia savannah~

AND WATCH OUT THEY CAN HURT YOU OR KILL YOU! be safe! but it is a good food source!


AND CACTUS CAN POKE YOU BAD! so watch out! but they are not poisonous and they can be a water source for cactus


the hottest tempature is 136.4 degrees! and the lowest is 55 degrees!

and the season change variously, and in wet season the receive 59 inches of rain!