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15 Days of Holiday Fun!

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Week in Preview 12/2-12/7

Monday 12/2

Wear Red & Green Day!

All Staff Trauma Informed Care PD 7:50 AM

Algebra 1 EOC Retakes Session 1

Tuesday 12/3

Sign A Card For Our Troops in the mail room!

Algebra 1 EOC Retakes Session 2

MTSS: 9th Grade, room 4-117 5th period

MTSS: 10th Grade, room 3-154 2nd period

School Choice Window Opens

Wednesday 12/4

Holiday Hat Contest!

Staff Panoramic 8:10 AM

Senior Panoramic

Club Pictures

Geometry EOC Retakes Session 1

Threat Assessment Team Meeting 3:10 PM

Thursday 12/5

Holiday Yogurt Parfait Bar

Geometry EOC Retakes Session 2 AM

Cambridge Showcase Night: 5:30-7:00 PM Shark Zone

Friday 12/6

Favorite Band Apparel Day!

Biology & US History EOC Retakes

PERT test

Saturday 12/7

Adopt a Road: NSHS 8:00 AM

AHS Showcase at Pasco Pathways

New Way to sign up to see Student Services Staff!

In an effort to become more tech savvy and eco-friendly, the AHS counseling team has created a digital way for students to request an appointment with us. This should eliminate students leaving class to sign up to see us if we are not in our offices. We will try to answer some requests via email to help keep students in class for quick questions. Please feel free to print this image and hang in your classroom and encourage students to use this with their device!

*If a student has an emergency, please call one of us. If we are not in our offices, call the front office and they will radio for us!

We will still have our paper/pencil sign up boards outside of our offices in case a student does not have a device.

Thanks for your support!

-Erica, Keri, Katie, Vicki, Jen and Lindsay :)

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