Olympic National Park

Harper Lowery and Anna Milligan

Come to Olympic National Park! We'd love to have you!

Olympic National Park is located in Port Angeles, Washington, U.S.A., but it stretches all the way from northern Mexico to southern Canada, sprawling itself out on the west coast of North America.

Did you know? Olympic National Park was originally designated as a national monument, but in 1909 Roosevelt changed it to a National Park!

Fun Facts!

Due to Olympic's massive size (922,650 acres) and its placement along the west coast, it is vulnerable to the Pacific's hurricanes. In fact, Olympic was greatly affected by Hurricane Ridge.

Plant and Animal Life

Olympic National Park has a huge variety of plants and animals. The park consists of plants such as Sitka trees, however there are also Spruce and Western Hemlock. There are also coniferous and deciduous species as well.

The animal life consists of raccoons, bears, cougars, deer, elk, and beavers. We also have a variety of animals off of our coast. We have whales, dolphins, sea lions, and sea otters