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5th November, 2013

Mobile Phones

I have LG.

How did we get it?

I bought my phone because I broke my last phone. It cost about 700 LT.
My mother bought her phone when he was taking her plan. It cost about 500 LT and my father got his phone same as my mother, but his phone cost about 600 LT.

What plan do we use?

I use LABAS plan. My mother and father use Omnitel plan.

How much do we pay per month?

Per month I pay 10 LT for my plan, my mother pays about 40 LT and father about 60 LT.

What is the use of a mobile phone for us?

Mobile phone I use to call, to write messages, to play games, to picture and other. My mother and father use their mobile phones only to call and write messages.