2nd Grade news

Mrs. Tamayo

There's TONS going on in 2nd grade!

Please read through the entire newsletter :)

- PAAS Paint: We are going to paint Easter eggs on Tuesday, March 24th and stuffing them with confetti as is the Mexican tradition. Please bring a painting kit, WITH A CUP INCLUDED by Monday. here is the website for the brand I am refering too. http://www.paaseastereggs.com/products-traditional.php

- Seder Meal: On Holy Thursday, April 2nd, we will be having our Seder Meal. If your child volunteered to bring something they received a flyer today telling them what to bring and when. Please check their homework folders for that.

- OUR GARDEN: This is very exciting news! Have you noticed the tire garden that Dr. Uhl brought to our school last year? It's between the school and the convent. Well, it needs some love so 2nd grade has decided to adopt it! My vision and dream is to paint the tires and have each student paint and take care of their own 1/4 section of a tire. Each student will be in charge of 1 plant for the rest of the year. We likely won't be able to harvest until September and we'll need help watering a couple times a week in the summer. I'd like to get started with weeding on Monday, March 30th.

So for March 30th we'll need...

**Each child will need gardening clothes that can get dirty in a bag. Please send a rain jacket as well because we will be gardening come (light) rain or shine.

**Could anyone send in some small gardening shovels?

** Maybe some gardening gloves also?

We'll be working in 2 groups of 10 at a time.

Would any of you be able to help me? I'll need your time sending a few emails because we'll need donations for gardening supplies and figuring how to paint the tires. Please let me know if you'd be willing to jump in and help with this project. I won't need you to be physically present at school, unless you can and would like to be. This is such a great learning opportunity and legacy that the 1st Juan Diego Academy class can give to our school. By the way, I happen to have a black thumb so any tips are greatly appreciated.

THANK YOU and More EXCITING News....

Thank you to Mrs. Nikko (Ayo's mom) for coming in and reminding us how important it is to be healthy! We loved making and eating the fruit pizzas. Pictures to come.

Is 2nd grade too early to think of your future career??? I say nope. So, Mrs. Nikko came in Friday to talk to us about nutrition and what she does, we are going on a field trip (more information below) to PLU to experience a day on a college campus and.....I would love to have you, our hard working parents, come in and talk to the kids about what you do. If you are available and interested please let me know. Your children are so proud of what you do everyday, trust me, they tell me, and if possible they would love for you to share with their class.

That brings me to our FIELD TRIP... on Friday, April 24th, we'll be going to Pacific Lutheran Univeristy (PLU) to have "A Day in College" Mrs. Yaden (Anderson's mom) has been so kind to organize a fun filled day for us to visit PLU. I will need 1 or 2 chaperones so please let me know if you can join us. it will be from 10:00 to about 1:30 we should be back at school by 2:00. Field trip forms will be going out soon.

Spelling Words for Friday, March 27th

1. liked

2. using

3. riding

4. chased

5. spilled

6. making

7. closed

8. hoping

9. baked

10. hiding

11. standing

12. asked

13. mixed

14. sleeping