Hydro Electricity

The Future?

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I am Bob the Engineer and we WILL stop the grotesque black thingy. I recommend the awesome hydro electricity. The land is powered by this coal which pollutes the land! I have came to build a fantastic hydro electricity generator! You know who to thank! Bob the engineer! We have been using coal for many years but now we need to CHANGE!!!
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It's sustainable and will be more efficient in rough sea so it suits it well. It's renewable not like fossil fuels which are not. It doesn't pollute the atmosphere which is always good. It's really reliable as there is always water. It's 100% safe unlike nuclear energy which may blow up in YOUR face. It's really easy to maintain after it's built.


It's quite expensive to build and sometimes you get really low energy from droughts that effect it. There is also limited space for the power plants. The process of getting the water may suck the fish in and may endanger fishes. It might be worth or may not. Vote here http://strawpoll.me/3986557

Why not solar, wind and nuclear?

Solar in not the best because the sun doesn't shine at every moment like in night. It's not reliable and may pollute the environment.Solar panels are made out of silicon and other materials like mercury. Wind is unreliable like some days there is no wind and cause inconvenience for people. Would you want the T.V stopping in the epic moment whether Argentina scores a goal or not in the last minute?