The Canterbury

The knight

Research Questions

The knights occupation would be a modern day General of war. The occupation tells from this time that Knights were very important they held a high standard in the society. They were looked at for their honor and nobility. The knights' lives were centered around the castles and the royal manors.The knights were also looked at for their generosity, courtesy and chivalry and were loyal to their subjects, and competent warriors.The were part the high class.The knight's day to day life would be filled with helping the king in times of war, and studying their weapons and learning horsemanship. He also had to keep a high level of fitness. HIs occupation would be a general in the army because that is what the modern day general would do and they would be loyal to his country/president.

Word Choices

The knight is generous, truthful, and is greatly honored in time of war. He was wise, he was nice.(lines 70 and 74). He wore a fustian tunic stained and dark with smudges where his armor had left marks(lines 76-78). The specific words that describe my understanding of the knight is "To ride abroad had followed chivalry, truth, honor,generousness, and courtesy." Chaucer thought the knight was distinguished because of all the wars he fought in, he was wise, he was modest and not flashy in his eyes. Chaucer does not include that knight were to be in top notch fitness, he does not tell us that he has a wife, he does not tell us who he is loyal to.
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