Conflict Resolution

how to not start and how to end a conflict


How it starts

Poor communication leads to conflict. Try to avoid the parent (bossy) voice and the child (whiny) voice. If you don't listen conflict will start. Communication roadblocks or I-messages can also start conflicts. If you use your adult voice, which makes you sound reasonable, conflict can be avoided.

How to stop it

Use your adult (calm) voice and think before you speak. Make eye contact. Paraphrase to show you're listening. Use encouraging words. You can reason with the person you're talking with and try to resolve the conflict, if it has started.

Communication roadblocks

Communication roadblocks can end any conversation really fast these are not the best to use if you have work to do. Roadblocks are when you use starcasm, think only of yourself, and call people names. If you are thinking of yourself the conversation well end quickly. Name calling showes that you don't want to listen to the conversation. comm. roadblocks end conversations quickly.