Giver Community

If you need somewhere to live I have a good place for you.


The community is a great place to live and if you are looking to move somewhere, this community would be a great place for you. I will be referencing a family throughout this flyer, they describe it as “a perfect world”.

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Family Life

The community is great place if you are looking to have a family, the kids get something new every year until they are twelve and learn valuable skills and knowledge that will help them to succeed later in life. For example, Lily a seven at her ceremony of eights gets to start her volunteer hours, to help out the community and get knowledge of what she would like to do later in her life.
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The communication in our community is great, thank to the lack of using cellphones and other things like that. Also kids hang out with each other, by playing catch, riding bikes, and many other great activities. An example of this is in the community Lily and Jonas play with there friends and do activities like, as I said riding bikes, playing catch.

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In the community the housing is great. The houses are very modern, and I’m sure there will be perfect house for you. Inside the house he dinner rules are great and give an opportunity for every family member to talk about their day which gives them the opportunity to communicate and become closer with their family. For example, Lily at dinner table talked about her day at school, and how people from another town came to visit.

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Once again if you are looking for a new place, you should look in the community, because we have very good family structure, communication, and housing. Since all of these elements are very good we have very good lives here and I would consider this a perfect world.