Digital Citizenship For Teens Club

By: Emma Pasqualino

The internet is no stranger to teens everywhere. Online, everything and anything is accessible, from newspapers to music. While this is an advantage, someone could easily find information on you based on what you decide to share about yourself.

Whether you know it or not, the internet could make or break you.

Who Are We?

The Digital Citizenship for Teens Club is a non-profit organization that helps spread the idea of digital citizenship. This organization is made for teens, by teens. As a club, we go on trips to give tips, and we occasionally talk to kids in grades 3-6.

What are you waiting for? Join in!!

Help Promote Digital Citizenship

Friday, April 4th 2025 at 12am

175 Linwood Avenue

Emerson, NJ

This school holds students grades 3-6, and our purpose is to help these kids make smart decisions on the internet. All are welcome to attend, but it is not mandatory.

Club Meeting (Mandatory)

Friday, April 8th, 9pm

Emerson, NJ, United States

Emerson, NJ

We will have this meeting to discuss any ideas you may have.

Pick A Date To Make An Impact

Email me a date that works for you.

  • 1/1/23
  • 2/23/23
  • 3/16/23
  • 4/22/23
  • 5/17/23

More dates to come!

Contact Me

Contact me with any comments, questions, and concerns.

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