Piotr Ilych Tchaikovskiy


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Tchaikovskiy's life

Tchaikovskiy was born in the town of Votkinsk, Russia on May 7, 1840. Tchaikovskiy's family was not particular wealthy outside of his grandfather . He was a magistrate, and lived on a private house with serfs. He is said to have an army of 100 Cossacks! Tchaikovskiy's mother, Alexandra was responsible for bringing music into the family. Sadly, Alexandra was a depressed, cold, self-centered person who only wanted to return to St. Petersburg. Tchaikovskiy had a half-sister, and 3 brothers. Tchaikovskiy had a nanny named fanny who served as many of the motherly duties in the family. Unfortunately, Fanny disapproved of Tchaikovskiy's obsessoion with music. Tchaikovskiy was a softhearted, sensitive boy. Later in his life, Tchaikovskiy's family moved to St. Petersburg, where Tchaikovskiy was enrolled in the Schmelling boarding school, which he hated. Peter became ill, possibly with meningitis in 1848. His recovery took months. In 1850, Tchaikovskiy was enrolled in the school of Jurisprudence in St. Petersburg. Young Peter did not want to leave his mother. He lost all self control, throwing a huge temper tantrum before being forcefully seperated from his mother. in 1854, Tchaikovskiy's mother died of cholera. He never recovered from the trauma. From then on he suffered nervous disorders. He was socially awkward and had low self-esteem. In 1868, Tchaikovskiy fell in love with an opera singer, but she married a spanish baritone which devastated Tchaikovskiy. In 1876 Tchaikovskiy met Nadhezdha von Meck. She was a wealthy widow who loved music. They became best friends and Meck became Tchaikovskiy's benefactor. However in 1890, Meck lied to Tchaikovskiy by saying she was bankrupt and would have to stop supporting Tchaikovskiy.
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Ural mountains

Above is a map of the Ural Mountains and its surroundings. This is the mountain range where Tchaikovskiy grew up in
Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker Suite, Op 71a

The nutcracker suite

Above is a video of one of Tchaikovskiy's pieces. It is an orchestra version of the famous ballet, the nutcracker.

other known music

  • 1812 overture

  • Nutcracker (Ballet)

  • The sleeping beauty (ballet)

  • The swan lake (ballet)

    Fun facts

    • Tchaikovskiy was a soft-hearted, sensitive boy. He one went door to door asking people about a lost cat
    • Tchaikovskiy had a strong love for Russia, he once sat in front of an atlas, kissing russia and spitting on everything else
    • Once as a child, Tchaikovskiy fled into his room and cried because his head hurt from the sound of music.
    • On the 25th anniversary of his mother's death, Tchaikovskiy wrote a friend saying, "Every Moment of that appalling day is as vivid to me as though it was yesterday."
    • In 1874, Tchaikovskiy's opera The Oprichnik premiered. He told all of his friends not to come but they ignored him. The show turned out to be very successful


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