Quick Tip

Having trouble clicking links in the IT newsletter emails?

The INNOVATE newsletters from the EM-S ISD Instructional Technology team are designed in a free, online flyer tool called Smore. It's easy to create and share information via email or social media. If you've had trouble accessing the links on the Innovate emails, here's a quick tip ...

1. Viewing the {Smore} Newsletter in Email

If the hyperlinks are not working in your email, scroll to the top and click the "View it in your browser" link. (This is not unique to the Innovate emails ... look for this link anytime you have an email that isn't displaying correctly.)
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2. Viewing in an Internet Browser

Now you're viewing the newsletter in its original format. You can easily share it via social networks or see how many others have viewed it.
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3. Click the Hyperlinks

In the browser view, all hyperlinks, social media sharing icons, and comments will work. What are you waiting for? Click away!
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