Using the 'Net

Research, create, explore & collaborate online!


  • Students will use proper online search methods that result in faster, more accurate results.
  • Students will be able to distinguish credible websites, and the best resources for their objective while following "RADCAB" guidelines (relevancy, authority, detail, currency, appropriateness, and bias).
  • Students will learn how to avoid plagiarism through paraphrasing and summarizing texts, as well as proper citation format.
  • Students will learn about copyright law and creative commons licensing, and will be able to identify audio, image, and video files legally available for download.
  • Students will discuss leaving a "digital footprint" and the proper use of social media sites, posting etiquette, and privacy settings.

Students will appreciate the internet as a powerful tool for communication, collaboration, and education through the proper use of innovative online tools.

Mrs. Joanne Torlucci Room 213 751-7080 x2031