Triumph Thunderbolt Lt

Come and Take the 2014 Triumph Thunderbolt Lt for a Spin, from Now till June 5th

Where else but Pete’s Cycles can you take a free ride on a brand new 2014 Triumph Thunderbolt Lt? This bike is made for cruising, and we dare you to take it for a spin. Our guess is that you will want to take it home. Yes, from now till June 5th you can take it for a demo cruise at our Baltimore location only (7511 Belair Rd.).

So, what makes the Triumph Thunderbolt Lt so special? Just about everything. In addition to the latest theft protection (a data chip in the key that makes it impossible to copy), the Thunderbird’s engine is a liquid cooled, six-speed 1597cc parallel twin. The bike is heavy and sturdy, with that in-control feel that all cruisers aim for.

About its style, their website says it best when they write, “We made sure that the Thunderbird's authentic classic style lives on. With a long, low stance, fat rear tyre, teardrop tank and high bars. By keeping it pure, uncluttered, clean and elegant, with plenty of chrome, it still looks exactly how a cruiser should look.”

As a cruiser, it is gas friendly too. The bike has a 22 litre tank, and at an average speek of 56 mph it will give you 67 miles per gallon.

Give us a call (410-663-8556) or stop by Pete's Cycle to learn more about the bike.