Steps Necessary to acheive life

Maslow's Theory's to a healthy life

Physiological Needs

In Maslow's theory he believes that you need your physiological needs before you can worry about anything else in life. Your physiological needs are the things you need in order to survive. The examples for these needs are: food,shelter,air,sex, and sleep/rest. In order to achieve life you cannot live without those things.
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This is the second step that Maslow believes is important in life. After you have your physiological needs you need to worry about your safety. Safety is protecting yourself from any danger that may happen. There are a few examples for this such as: having a house to protect yourself from bad whether, security, and law. (Law is a set of rules made so that there can be safety in knowing what your not supposed to do to keep yourself and others safe)
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This is the third step in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. He believes after you have your physiological needs and your safety you need to feel love or like you belong. This step is feeling like you have a family who loves you or friends who will be there for you. Also feeling loved and like you belong is also feeling like you are loved between your family and friends not hated. Once you have achieved feeling like you belong somewhere you can go on to the next step.
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When you have achieved physiological needs, safety, and feeling loved you can move on to the next step called Self-Esteem. Self-Esteem is how you feel about yourself whether it is good or bad. But, the way Maslow is referring to he wants you to be able to feel good about yourself and have self confidence for yourself and have respect for others. When you feel healthy about yourself you can move on to the next and last step.
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After you have achieved physiological needs,safety,feeling like you belong somewhere, and self-esteem, you can move on to the next step which is self-actualization. This step seems more complicated than it actually is. This step mean growing up in a healthy happy way. Basically, this step means setting goals for yourself. When you complete all of the other steps that you have to have you can finally set goals for yourself and live life in a healthy and great way.
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