Influences of Food Choices

Christopher Fiertek

Physical Needs

Physical needs are needed for survival, hunger, health, and energy level. Physical needs gives you nutrients that are needed to survive.

Psychological Needs

Psychological needs are when you have high emotions or good/bad moods.

Personal Food Prefrence

Personal food preference is the food you prefer. You might like one food over e other because of the taste, smell, and color.

Food Avalibility

Food availability or the food that you can choose from. You might want a certain food but it's not available at the time.

Social Settings

Social settings can determine what you might eat. For example, your not going to have chicken for breakfast or a huge dinner meal for breakfast.

Society & Culture

The society and culture can determine the type of food you eat. For example, your ethic traditions, religious beliefs, family traditions, and holidays might influence you.