CANADA'S Defining Moments

Done by: Zanibul Basith


Canada is one of the best countries in the world but it has gone through some rough stages to get to that position. It has gone through hardship and problems to gain the position it has today. I am sure that it will try its best to keep the position that it has today. Here are some events that Canada went through:

Canada in WW1

In 1914, WW1 outbreaked after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Canada joined the war right after Britain declared war on Germany. More than 650,000 men and women from Canada and Newfoundland served - over 66,000 gave their lives and more than 172,000 were wounded. They fought in great and deadly wars such as the- battle of somme, the battle of vimy ridge, the battle of ypres. Without Canada's efforts the Allies wouldn't have won and even if they won it would have been very hard.

Battle of SOMME

The battle of Somme happened from July 1, 1916 – November 18, 1916. It was the big push that would destroy German lines. It resulted in 623,907 allied deaths and 660,000 German deaths. The Germans called it the 'Das Blutbad" which meant 'The Bloodbath'. On the first day the British forces took over 57000 deaths in a few hours. The tank was also introduced in this battle. I think it was defining moment because the Canadian soldiers took a lot of casualties. They had a great strategy to out take the Germans and his earned them respect from other countries.
The Battle of the Somme 1916


After the war had ended, the allied countries were very happy as they won. People were partying and their lifestyles had changed. Many things happened during these years. At first there was a huge economic boost in the countries. Job opportunities increased and as a result the economy went up. People started buying more appliances and be more spend full. They also started investing in shares or stock markets. Sometimes they made profit and sometimes they lost money.

The Stock Market Crash & Depression

The people started borrowing money to buy shares. They took loans from banks and had to pay them at a certain interest. If they didn't make money through the shares, then they had no money to pay back to the bank. Then the banks took their homes and other belongings as their pay. This started to decrease the economy of the country. People started to become homeless and their other belongings were taken away. As people had no money, they couldn't buy anything and as a result production went down and people started to lose jobs. This started depression in the country and the people went through great hardship. The 'Great Depression' lasted from 1929-1939. During this time span people went through many difficulties. They had no money and nothing to eat. Young people went to different cities and provinces riding on trains in hope of finding a job. People went to Concentration Camps as they had nothing else to do. They did work there and they also got food as their pay. It was very hard for the people and the Great Depression finally ended in the 1939's.

Canada in ww2

Canada joined the war on Sept. 10,1939, one week after Britain and France and the king and government of Canada declared war on Germany. Canada declared war on Italy in June 1940 and, on Japan in December 1940. Canada's army was unprepared for the war on 1939. The Canadian army totaled 4261 officers and men, and the reserve force numbered 51 000 partially trained and ill-equipped soldiers. Over the course of the war, the army enlisted 730 000; the air force 260 000; and the navy 115 000 personnel.

Battle of the Atlantic

Canada joined the war as soon as Britain declared war on Germany. At that time they only had 7 warships and only 3500 warships but as they progressed through the war the number increased in RCN( Royal Canadian Navy). They had two big responsibilities in this war. It was the 'Mid Atlantic Gap' and 'Operation Overlord'. They had to close the gap which was a very hostile point in the supply line. In 'Operation Overlord' they had to cover the flanks of the invasion to ensure submarine defense for the British to ensure a safe landing on the beaches of Normandy. I think that this is the defining moment in WW2 because this battle was the most longest and Canada did their best. This war made them the 3rd largest Navy in the world. Without this war they never could have earned that respect among the allies.
Battle of the Atlantic (2002)

1950's -1980's

After WW2 most of the people alive were teens. Adults were mostly killed in the warfare and there were not that much elderly people. There came a time where the teens were called 'Baby Boomers'. It was an increase in population after post war Canada. In the 1960's -1970's a movement happened where Quebec wanted to be a separate nation as most of the people spoke French there. They had a feeling that the French Canadians were not given the proper rights. But they couldn't do so as an agreement was made that English and French will be the official languages of Canada.

Quebec Independence

The French Canadians who mostly lived in Quebec wanted to be as an independent state/country. The French Canadians always thought that French should be the official language of Canada. But as time progressed they had a feeling that they were discriminated and they wanted to be a separate country from Canada. They thought that they couldn't speak their native language in other parts of Canada except in Quebec. In 1963, a small group of French Canadians started the Front de liberation du Quebec (FLQ). This was a terrorist organization and wanted to make Quebec independent through violence. The Canadian government tried to sort things out through 'The Meech Lake Accord (1987) & Charlottetown Accord (1992)'. The plan was to make Quebec recognized as a 'distinct society' and had equal rights but they still didn't agree to the agreement. This was the final step that the Canadian government took. When the voting happened about 60% people rejected the proposition and after 1980's the FLQ left the case and the Quebec movement was left alone. Still there is some constitutions but it is not that much effective.

Current Canada

Canada has progressed to become one of the best countries in the world. It has gone through some tough times and great battles. It was the courage of the Canadians that has made Canada the country it is today. Hockey became very popular in Canada and people became addicted to it. It is the national sport of Canada and people are very passionate about it. Justin Trudeau is 23rd and the current prime minister of Canada and he decided to help the Syrian people who were in hardship. He is willing to let Syrian refugees come to Canada.

Canada taking Syrian refugees

Canada has taken in Syrian refugees who were in serious hardship due to problems in Syria. Canadian government have extended their hands to help these people who were in serious hardship. Canada has already taken more than 9000 refugees and the number is going up. Their plan is to take 25000 refugees by the end of Feb.2016. They are trying their best to help them as much as they can.