April News

Mme Constant

Let's Spring Ahead with our Learning!

Here is a quick update on what we've been working on and what we will be up to for the next month.

Math: We continue to work on our measurement skills and we are getting pretty good! Students are working on measuring various lengths, widths and heights while selecting the appropriate unit of measure. This month, we will also be working on multiplication and division. In Grade 3, students only work multiplying and dividing to 25. We will focus on understanding that multiplication is repeated addition and division is repeated subtraction. Students will represent problems with drawings, arrays and learn different strategies to solve these problems.

French: This month, we will be focusing on performing arts! The students are so excited to create puppets and present a puppet show to their peers. We will work on reading with expression, paying close attention to punctuation, and speaking clearly. In writing, we are working on reading and following directions as well as writing "How To's". Students will need to include a title, the purpose, a material/ingredient list as well as the directions. There will definitely be some highlights posted on FreshGrade throughout the unit so you can see the fun, hands-on activities this unit will include!

English: We will continue to work on grammar and spelling skills all while working on another research project! Details are to come - stay tuned!

Science: We have just begun our final unit of the year. We will be learning all about rocks and minerals! I am so excited to be teaching this unit as the kids are very interested and very knowledgeable about many rocks. We have a few guest speakers coming in as well as a fieldtrip. Keep an eye out for that email within the next week or so.

Social Studies: We have completed our study of how the environment affects quality of life. We will look at the various services within communities and how communities help each


Free The Children

As a class, we have taken time to explore the Free The Children organization. We have learned about the founders, how the organization came about and the projects that Free The Children takes on. The students have really enjoyed this project and are quite passionate about doing more. That being said, I am so excited to have a speaker coming in next week to talk with us about how to continue to make a difference.

Trading Cards

Trading cards are so popular at school! The kids love to get together and see what they have and what trades they can make. Please note that Trading cards are only permitted at trading card club as per school policy. Trading cards are not allowed on the playground nor in the classroom. Please remind your child that cards should stay home with the exception of Wednesdays (Trading Card Club).

Classroom Website

Don't forget to check out our classroom website. There are sightword audio files as well as the links to some new math games available for you to see! Enjoy some math videos while you're there, too.

For your calendar...

April 7- hot lunch for those who ordered

April 8- PD day

April 12- Parent council meeting at 7:15 p.m.

April 13- Acronaire Performance at 9:00 a.m.

April 15- Hoja at 2 p.m.

April 15- WE school presentation for our class

April 19- Class photo a.m.

April 22- PD day