National School Choice Week Event

Classical Christian Education from PreK-4 to University

Parents and Students Welcome to Attend to hear more about New St Andrews College and Classical Conversations

Are you interested in knowing more about homeschooling with a classical christian model from ages 4 through high school graduation? Join us for a discussion about Classical Conversations. Hear from area families and directors how this model has provided community and support for homeschooling through high school. Are you interested in extending your child's classical Christian education through the college years in order to not only equip your child with the learning tools of the trivium but also with the learning tools of the quadrivium from a biblical Christian worldview? Hear from John Sawyer of New St. Andrews College and Corina Treece, mother of both CC and NSA students.

Some may be asking: Why should I attend a Christian college like New St Andrews if I’ve already had a good Christian high school education?

Education at any age is never religiously neutral. A Christian primary and secondary education provides a good foundation, but college is usually where you build (or not) on that foundation. College will help sharpen—for good or ill—your personal values and perspectives on the world that you’ll have for the rest of your life. Of course, many Christians can “survive” the secularism of non-Christian universities, but mere survival is not the same as learning to live and to think like a mature Christian. New Saint Andrews will help you develop a deep, biblically-grounded worldview for any calling and make it a delight in the process.

What is New St. Andrews College?

New Saint Andrews College was founded by the pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, ID.....

Doug Wilson, who is also the author of many books including...

  • Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning
  • The Case for Classical Christian Education
  • The Paideia of God
  • Is Christianity Good for the World?
  • Heaven Misplaced
  • Introductory Logic
  • Intermediate Logic

His wife, Nancy Wilson, has also authored numerous books including Our Mother Tongue.

His son N.D. Wilson writes many fiction novels and also authored Notes From the Tilt-A-Whirl.

(All of these books are sold at Classical Conversations bookstore).

Tuesday, Jan. 27th 2015 at 4-6pm

2045 Bedford Road

Bedford, TX

Please enter through double doors facing Bedford Rd. Our program will be presented in the sanctuary. Light refreshments will be served.