The Non Continental States

Alaska and Hawaii


Alaska and Hawaii are very unique and beautiful states. They have many cool geological features such as the volcanoes of Hawaii and the Alaskan mountain range.

Some other things you can find in Alaska are the Bering strait right in the Bering Sea and the wonderful huge Glaciers often passed by cruise ships.

Hawaii is an Archipelago*

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The climate in Alaska is not the frozen waste land that a lot of people believe it is in fact in the summer time the it can get up to 90 degrees and in the winter it becomes the overall image that most people imagine.

The climate in Hawaii is pretty mild throughout the year there is moderate humidity. There is really not much else to say.

Natural Recources and what they grow

Some natural Recources of Hawaii are oil, crushed stone, raw minerals and gas. Some in Alaska are oil, minerals, zinc, coal, gold and timber. Alaska is known for mining in there many mountains. Hawaii's resources are less well known because I think that when people think of Hawaii they think of a paradise not the oil found within.

Crops and stuff grown in Hawaii and Alaska grow a lot of important exports such as Hawaii's pineapple, sugarcane, macadamia nut, coffee and bananas. Alaska's are Apple, beans cabbage and cauliflower.

Regional foods

When you mention local foods in Hawaiian people think fish and poi, plate lunches of macaroni salad and rice. When you mention it to the natives in Hawaii and people picture exquisite places of beautifully prepared food, incorporated within is the freshest of fish and produce often complemented with the aromatic flavors of ginger, soy and garlic, or ingredients unique to Hawaii, such as, the fern shoots gathered in Waipio valley, or the goat cheese from Puna District.

Alaskan foods are a different story people in enjoy cold water fish which is the center piece of Alaskan cuisine, food such as salmon is big and important in Alaska, salmon is made into a lot of different foods, such as smoked salmon, cured salmon, salmon jerky even sweetened salmon candy. One other big seafood is the Alaskan crab unlike the crabs found in the other states Alaskan crab can easily feed a whole family, isn't that wild. Alaskans also like to bag big game animals such as moose, caribou, elk and bear, These animals are often the daily protein source for Alaskans who live outside of large cities.

Famous people from Hawaii

Let's start with Hawaii, did you know that our current president is from Hawaii. President Obama was born in Honolulu, which is Hawaii's capital. 2 very famous people born in Hawaii. Let's start with Marcus Mariota he is the QB for the Titans and the first native to win the Heisman trophy. A musician born in Hawaii is Bruno Mars he was born in Honolulu just like our president.

Famous people from Alaska

Alaska is known for one very famous, that person is Sarah Palin. She was the 9th Governor also the first female Governor of Alaska and a candidate for vice president in 2008. Another famous person is Logan Grove, you may not know him by his name. Some of you may know the show "The Amazing world of Gumball" Well Logan is the voice actor for Gumball.

What they make

"The states industry's can be described as a three legged stool by University of Alaska Anchorage economist Scott Goldsmith with one leg being the petroleum and gas industry, the second leg being the federal government and the third being all other industries and services."( Wikipedia Economy of Alaska) Some of Alaska's other industries are mining, forestry(timber and fishing. The fishing is done in the Bering sea, the forestry is in the, we'll ever where. The mining is done in the many, many mountain ranges of Alaska.

The top three industries in Hawaii is their tourism, their defense and there agriculture. Let's start with their tourism, you can only start to imagine the amount of people that visit Hawaii a year. The actual amount in 2012 was a whopping 8.2 million that is huge. Now imagine how much money they made of all those tourists. What drawes tourists there is there good unique food and there wonderful climate. The climate helps the agriculture, which helps the food it is basically one big cycle.

Alaskan jobs

In Alaska common jobs are that a lot of people are, are Miners, Fisherman, Lumberjacks, Zoologists, airplane pilots, airline sturutes and cruises employees. I think that miners is a popular job because of the many mountains and fisherman the Bering Sea. Lumberjacks because of all the timber, Zoologists because of all the animals. Airplane workers because of the tourism and cruise employees once again because of the Bering sea. Here is a link to the site I used.

Jobs in Hawaii

Some popular jobs in Hawaii include Archeologists, culture teachers, tour guides and escorts and transportation workers. Archeologists are popular because Hawaii is such a unique area with probably a lot of unique fossils. Culture teachers for almost the same region Hawaiian culture is beautiful and mysterious many people are curious about it. Once again tour guides for the beautiful tropical climate. Transportation workers for all that tourism in fact my neighbor is from Hawaii and she is and airline worker.
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What people like to do

People in Hawaii like to go fishing and surfing and a lot of beach based stuff. In Hawaii many people work multiple jobs because of there minimum wage. In Alaksa people like to go fishing, berry picking hunting for big game, hiking, biking and camping. As you see all of these activities are outdoor activities this is because there is so much to do and explore out their and if if more people were to do this I believe that this world would be a better place.

Major tourist attractions

In Alaska tourists visit Kenai FJords national Parks and Glacier Bay national parks. In Alska there is so much to see that's why there are so many national parks to visit. People visit Alaska for there beautiful land and there rich culture.

In Hawaii there are beautiful beaches for people to explore and on those beaches people can watch surfers will enjoying good food and go whale watching. In other places people can explore volcanoes and go shopping.

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