Regina Jr Sr High Newsletter

August 2018

From the Principal

Hello Regina Community,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school-year! I hope everyone was able to enjoy their summer. It seems like summer break gets shorter each year. The theme for this school-year will be the Year of Revelation. We will be reflecting on how God makes himself present in many ways.

I am excited to introduce our new staff members. It is a great mix of new and experienced teachers from different areas of the state and nation. They are:

  • Jeffry Ensign - Science
  • Lauren Hunstad - English
  • Jacob Koch - English
  • Martha McAndrew - Spanish
  • Travis Ricter - Vocal Music
  • Bryce Smeins - Activities Director
  • Jennifer Wallace - Social Studies

I offer this prayer for a new school year that was sent to me from Sports Leader.

Thank you, Lord, for this brand new school year. This new opportunity to praise and honor you by using our gifts and talents to grow in faith, knowledge and virtue.

We ask that You protect all of us, Administrators, Staff, Teachers, Coaches, Students, Parents and Volunteers from injury, accident, violence, negativity and selfishness.

Give us the grace to praise You on our good days as well as the more difficult ones.

Bless our Adults with the wisdom and virtue to lead their students with perspective, passion, respect and charity - seeking the good of each one.

Bless our Students with the virtues necessary to live with their whole heart, mind and soul for Your Glory, Lord, and for the good of their peers.

May we all encourage, inspire and cheer on everyone, not just looking for the good of ourselves but for the good of each and every member of this community and family.

Lord, give us the strength and self-control to deal gracefully with difficult circumstances and other challenges that we will face this year.

May You help us to use all of those moments to make us stronger and more united.

Lord, please be a constant member of our community and may all we do be for Your Glory, Honor and Praise.

In Your Name we pray O Lord, Amen.

Yours in God,

Glenn Plummer

IC Family Fun Festival

The Iowa City Family Fun Festival will be held on Friday, August 17 and Saturday, August 18. A link to the festival's web site is below.

Prep Day

Tuesday, August 21 is prep day. This day is set up fro students to get their school pictures taken and get their class schedules. Although times are set up for specific grades, you may come in at a time that works best for you if your schedule does not allow you to come in at your designated time. The schedule for the day is given below.

8:00-8:45 12th grade

8:45-9:30 11th grade

9:30-10:15 10th grade

10:15-11:00 9th grade

11:00-11:45 8th grade

1:30-3:00 7th grade orientation

Back to School Night

Back to School Night for the Junior Senior High School will be Wednesday, August 29 from 6:30-8:00. Parents will go through their student's schedule, meet teachers, and get information for the upcoming school-year.

Religious Celebrations & Faith Activities

August 29: 7-12 Prayer Service @ 2:30

September 5: 7-12 Mass @ 2:15

Mass and prayer services will be held in the Jr/Sr High Gym, unless noted.

New Vision for Science Education

The full implementation of the new Iowa Core Science Standards takes effect this school-year, with the exception of grades 6-8 (only 1 of each of those grades needs to be implemented over the next 3 years). The pdf attached below highlights some of the changes you will see with the new standards.