New Farm Fresh Financing Program

For local, organic, and sustainable growers.

A "Fresh" Take on Lending

Is demand growing for your products? Would a new tractor or greenhouse - or even another farm - help you meet that growing need? If so, Farm Credit is here to help. We're a lender made just for people who farm, including those in niche markets such as local, organic, urban or sustainable food production.

What is Farm Fresh Financing?

Farm Fresh Financing is a new program that offers financing and credit options to local food system organizations and "new generation" farmers, a term that refers to producers who distribute their products through local food channels and practice sustainable farming methods, often on a small scale basis.

This program opens new credit and financing options to eligible farmers who may lack assets, credit history or income.

Why Farm Credit?

You deserve a lender as fresh as your products. And that's why we're different from other lenders - we're a cooperative, and we share our profits with our borrowers through our patronage program. And that's an idea that's as fresh today as it was in 1916, when we first started financing agriculture. To learn more about our patronage program, check out the short video below.

Our Patronage Program in 90 Seconds

Farm Credit

We'd love to hear about your growing business or new idea, so give us a call today and find out why our Farm Fresh Financing program is as unique as your operation.