Digital Citizenship

By: Ashleigh Baker

What is a Digital Citizenship??

A Digital Citizen is someone who is able to think critically about ethical opportunities and challenges of the "Digital World" and makes safe, responsible, and respectful choices.

What is a Footprint???

A footprint is a "trail," made up of bits and pieces of information on one's computers and on other computers and servers around the world. And remember when you post something to remember if your grandma wouldn't like it don't post it.


Exploit security software to multiple in machines.

The Grandma Rule!!!

The Grandma Rule is very easy to remember is think before you post if your grandma wouldn't like it then don't post it at all.

Password Protection!!!

To keep your password protected you should have a password word that is strong strength wise. If you don't keep it strong and it is weak then a hacker can get on your account. But if your password is strong then they can't get on your account because it is harder to get on to. And make sure when you make an account for something remember to keep your password in a secret place.

Internet Safety!!!

Internet Safety is when you are online and a stranger might try and talk to you so when that happens you tell your parents right away. And you neve, ever, ever give a stranger your name, phone number or even your address because they can come when no one is home and kidnap you.


Is when you want your work citied down you copy and paste the URL code and it easybibs it.

Here is a video about Digital Citizenship!!!!

Digital Citizenship Curriclum Training Introduction