The Thirty Years' War


The Thirty Years' War took place between 1618 and 1648. Not only was it one of the longest wars in European history, it was also one of the most destructive. The way the war started was when the Protestant states had their rights taken away when religious uniformity was being inacted by the Holy Roman Empire. The war was about religion at first, but it became more of a battle between France and Habsburg, and it continued their rivalry.

Connection to Present Day

The war was started by religion, and people still try to impose their religion on others. Some people say if you don't follow their religion, that you are beneath them. Some people just can't accept that people believe in different things. No wars have broken out over this topic, but there are conflicts between people each day.


It negatively impacted society because it killed eight million people. The war also destroyed much of the land. People also died of famine because of the food shortages.


1. There were about twenty-one combatants.

2. Eight million people died.



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