Local News Update


What Happened this Week?

• During writing, the children are working on their Halloween sloppy copies.

• Habitats has been the topic during science. When learning about the different habitats, the children asked themselves how does a habitat meet the needs of those that live there? This week, we explored forests and deserts.

• We reviewed theme and main idea during reading. I am so proud of their ability to identify both the theme and the main idea in a passage.

• Also during reading, we discussed problem and solutions.

• Each child had the opportunity to create an individual goal they hope to attain by May. The goals were chosen and written by the students. Please ask your child what their goal was and how they would achieve their goal.

• Mrs. Boots surprised our class as our Mystery Reader!

Next Week...

• We will review character traits, 5 Ws (Who?, What?, Where?, When?, Why?), and problem and solutions during reading. The children will take an assessment during the week on these concepts.

• The children will begin conferencing on their writing pieces. After that, they will begin their final copies.

• The children will learn about the grasslands, mountains, and the wetlands.

• During reading, we will learn about contractions.

• At the library, the children will practice using ABC order.

• All of the math classes will take their unit test.

• On Friday, we will get to see our reading buddies for a short period of time.

Don't Forget...

• Please remind your child to use Raz Kids at home.

• Xtra Math is a great resource. The children are using it at school. It would be great to have the children use this great App at home.