3D Printing

By Marley Sweeney


Made in the 1980s, people can make these in depth creations with hard software with the 3d printer building the creation layer by layer, It makes whatever you insert with the design. It is like a very accurate blueprint and creates your models with a hard (and hot when it comes out) substance with hard software.

The Bad

Even some guns have been made with the process of 3D Printing. Some of these 3D printed guns can even pass through metal detectors undetected since they can be made without metal, but they are illegal without a metal plate on them. This could be a threat around the world but most people think it is under control.

Helping our world

Additionally, other things besides models and guns can be made. People can also make in depth replicas of people too. More things people can possibly create with 3D printing are detailed props that have been made to use all this technology. And other things have also been made with it like aids to help people make food too! Many people also think 3D printing will help make the world a better place!