A makeover series about couples who live and work together

Diane Warshay is the ultimate Life Coach, Love Coach & Business Fixer

Every year, millions of couples take on the challenge of starting a business together. For some, it’s the best decision they've ever made. But for others, working, living and loving together 24/7 can be a total disaster!

Diane Warshay, a second generation Life Coach, Love Coach and Business Fixer likes to say, "the bedroom doesn't work when the boardroom doesn't work, and the boardroom doesn't work when the bedroom doesn't work!"

Raised by a Wall Street father and therapist mother, Diane was trained by the best. She has the ideal background and skill set to help overworked and under-appreciated couples rekindle their love lives and fix their failing business.

During each episode, we’ll see Diane working side-by-side with an entrepreneurial couple (married, lovers, gay, straight, transgender) getting her hands dirty, fixing their love life and failing business. From the bedroom to the boardroom, Diane helps the entrepreneurial couple overcome the extreme challenges and obstacles they face living and working together. Diane shares actionable advice, proven business strategies, and colorful bedroom tips. Diane converts all the energy and passion the couple puts into their business and harness it in their bedroom.

By day, Diane goes to work with the entrepreneurial couple. She diagnoses why their business is failing and provides winning strategies and solutions. We see Diane fixing, renovating, redesigning, and refurbishing their struggling company. It could be a surf shop, action sports retailer, luxury spa, organic baby food company, coffee company, sports bar, BBQ restaurant, craft brewery, energy drink, pet hotel, chocolate maker, or yoga studio. Diane will transform the struggling business by developing and creating new products and services, recipes, branding, marketing and promotion strategies, logos, and distribution partners. Diane does it all!

By night, Diane goes home with the entrepreneurial couple. She rehabilitates, rejuvenates and reinvigorates their failing love life with romantic advice and tips. Diane selects new wardrobes, lingerie, and grooming products. She designs diet and exercise regimes, romantic activities, and teaches inter-personal communication skills. Diane does it all!

Diane's "tough love" approach will transform lives, providing entrepreneurial couples with hope, inspiration, romance, laughter, and fun. She helps them achieve their wildest dreams both personally and professionally.

Diane sends a clear message to all couples working and playing together:

"Believe in yourself and your capabilities as a couple, as a team"

"Two is one, one is none" in the boardroom, the bedroom and back"