Humans Migrate

by Grace Cameron

Humans Migrate, Create Cultural Mosaics, and Balance the Forces of Cooperation and Conflict Among Different Social Groups

For countless reasons, humans move from country to country. They may do so because of the economy, food supply, religious reasons, or even for opportunity. The diversity of these people actually comes together to create one mosaic. A mosaic is "the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces", according to Wikipedia. The different humans come together to unite in one large mosaic. The forces of conflict and cooperation between social groups are balanced because the more people there are the more solutions. Less people are conflicting and more are cooperating, understanding each other's problems and working hard to find solutions.

Evidence in the Real World

Human migration is undoubtedly displayed just by the number of immigrants in the US each year. in 2013, 41.3 million immigrants resided in the US, as stated in Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States. 41.3 million people moved from one country all the way to America, migrating. The cultural mosaic is evident the statistics of the Pew Research Center, where it indicates that about 70% of the US citizens are Christian, while the rest is made up of non-christian faiths like Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist and Agnostic. This shows the diversity that makes up the US. The balance is displayed efficiently among the different financial classes in America. There recently has been an argument between how taxes should be handled, some say that those with little money should not be burdened with taxes and the wealthy should help immensely with them, and others say that taxes should be divided evenly and equally. This shows how both conflict and cooperation occur between different social groups.

Power Shifting Through Social Groups in the Real World

When the thirteen colonies declared their independence from Britain, they made the Articles of Confederation. This gave all of the power to the people. This was a major shift of power that had never been seen before. While in most areas of the world, the power lied within the wealthy and the royalty, but in the newly founded government, the power lied within all people. This new experiment showed just how big of an impact the power shift had on the society. This extreme shift, at that particular time, had proved to have a negative impact. There was a loss of order. They later shifted the power for a more balanced society (Information learned in Mrs. McGarty's American Government Class). We still have a higher power, though. Policemen, governors, presidents. Hopefully, in a refined future with a more perfect society, the social groups will cooperate in a much more balanced way. Maybe, at some point, not one or a few groups will be in charge, but all social groups will live in harmony.
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My Life Connects

My family history displays that humans migrate through the fact that the my great great great grandparents did not originate from America, but Quebec. The moved to the land of opportunity due to economical reasons, which is human migration on a smaller scale. The cultural mosaic of my family is shown through the fact that two families, one that descends all the way to Scotland and one that descends all the way to Italy, came together to have a child who biologically represents this entire cultural mosaic.

Bullets and Ballots

The social group that I was part of was the Peasants. Throughout the game we stood united and never turned our backs on each other. The biggest power shift that occurred between the social groups was when the Guerrillas gave up their power. That was the only defense the people had against the Army and Wealthy, and it allowed the Army and Wealthy to kill the Guerrillas. Thy lost this power by giving up their arms. There were many examples of conflicts and cooperation between the different social groups. The conflict is displayed by how the Army and Wealthy killed the Guerrillas, and the cooperation can be evident by how the Army and Wealthy asked the US for permission to kill them before doing so. As a peasant, this offended me, as a whole we felt betrayed by the US, for allowing Guerrillas who had declared peace to be killed. But I can now see how it was acceptable to the US and even the Army and Wealthy to kill them, because they were a threat to their people and their society, The US did not want Guatemala to become communist.