By Drew Tucker

More Food!

GMOs allow more food to be produced. With the growing world population, a large amount of food is needed to make sure people do not starve. Without GMOs, there wouldn't be enough food to support the world population and people would starve.

Better for the Environment!

GMOs are genetically modified organisms and they can be modified to help the environment. These GMOs can be modified to give the same yield but consume less water. They can also be modified to give off less carbon dioxide. Obviously, this will benefit the environment and can help prevent desertification.

They Aren't Unhealthy!

According to Cameron English, one of the main reasons people are opposed to GMOs is because they believe that the injected genes have a negative impact on the health of humans. The opposition believes that these genes impact bacteria and viruses and when they are eaten, they can have harmful effects. English points out that there are bacteria and viruses in all of the foods we eat, no matter how processed they are, and people can eat perfectly fine.