Sped Weekly Update

Week of December 15th

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The great LRE debacle of 2014

I have communicated ALL of our concerns surrounding this LRE's in Aspen with Paul and he has agreed. He has asked that we JUST complete the google doc:


If you have completed LRE's in Aspen, no worries but be sure to complete these predictions in the google doc by tomorrow. I will compile all predictions you have predicted.

Special Educators working in collaboratives: Grading

As the special educator and manager of your student's IEP progress, you have the ability to modify all course work (as aligned to their IEP needs) and give students grades based on those modifications. You are able to be the advocate and give the students the grades based on your professional judgement. If you are feeling that this is not happening, please let me know and I can try to assist you.

There should be documentation surrounding modifications, grading, and human rights regulations for students with disabilities coming down from the special education department in the very near future.

Thanks for all of your hard work, you've certainly earned this upcoming vacation!!