Miss Nichols' Kindergarten

This Past Week

This week we have been working on letters b and r and sight words be and am! We also looked to see what all letters we knew by sight and what their sounds were!

In math we have been working on grouping things by size and color.

Next Week

In reading we will be working on letters f and e and sight words to and yes. We will also be assessing sight words next week.

In math we will be working on counting by 1's, 10's, and counting on from any number!

What a great day with friends at our Walk-A-Thon!!!

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With Mrs. Newell this week we worked on team work! We love working with our friends!


Shruti- 6

Vidhi- 28


October 5- Field Trip to Hackman's --more info to come!

October 10-14- Fall Break!


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