Travel to Ireland

see the resorts to stay in

Why should you go to Ireland ?

Ireland is a beautiful country with amazing landscapes that will take your breath away ! and not to mention the places you can stay in have amazing views , has fun activities within the campus and the food is prime. Here are some places I recommend you should stay.

The Cliff house hotel

This beautiful hotel is quite unique it was built on a cliff and has an amazing view of the ocean. This hotel has tons of things to do that are on the grounds and things that the people who work there suggest to do. Like whale walks where you walk along the cliffs to watch whales or dolphins , easy local walks where you walk around the grounds , fly fishing, blue shark fishing and horse back riding for more information go to this site
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Castle Martyr

Castle Martyr is a stunning resort , the castle that is on the campus was built in 1210 and some of the castle still remands in tact. This resort has tons of actives that ever member in the family can do and enjoy like for horse lovers there is horse back riding for beginners there are lessons and for those who are more experienced they can enjoy an hour ride by the sea and if you want more information go to . There is also carriage rides within the 220 aces of land to discover. There is also fishing and also archery. for more information about the hotel go to this site
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Ashford castle

This beautiful castle has expanded over the centuries and has been turned into a 5 star luxury hotel. And here you really would be treated like a king or queen. The actives they have at this hotel are : Falconry, Fishing,Spa,Clay shooting and Archery, Cycling and kayaking , Golf and Horse back riding go here for more information
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